Film Faced Plywood (Should I choose eucalyptus or acacia?)

The difference between eucalyptus 🆚 acacia wood when making the core layer inside film-faced plywood

🕵🏻 Eucalyptus: good elasticity, heavy and strong, has high bearing capacity, impact resistance, but when using 100% eucalyptus as film-coated plywood, the surface will not be as smooth and beautiful as acacia wood.

🕵🏻 Acacia: tough mechanical strength, adapts to harsh weather, has lower warping than some other types of junk wood, although the bearing is not as good as eucalyptus wood but the surface will be smoother when coating film.

⭐️ Normally, using 30% eucalyptus and 70% acacia, we can have a good quality product

But if the production technique and glue are good , then even using 100% acacia, we can also make film faced plywood that can make a product with 10-20 times reusing.

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