C&G VINA Plywood was established in 2009 as a subsidiary of Que Lam Co. We specialize in providing some types of plywood: plywood for package, construction and furniture. Over the years, the company has gained a reputation for making quality products and have a lot of customers from all over the world. With modern processes and good materials, we will ensure to bring you the best products at the most reasonable prices. C&G has been the supplier for many domestic and foreign corporations and we received absolute trust from partners

Jaa Ly

Your film face plywood have high quality, I am very satisfied. Make sure that You can export to Korea more and more. Best Regards


The Best Quality

With more than ten years of experience in making plywood. We have our own knowledge from choosing the best material to having the finished products in output.
Our workers work hard, usually be trained, tested to improve their skills continuously. Our mills are expanded and updated each year to follow the changes of the market and customers’ requirements.

Excellent Customer Service

We understand that above all else, our customers expect an easy and efficient
With mission is customer-focused. We would like to bring the most benefits for the amount that customers spent.
We’re easy to talk to. You can contact us at any time, not just in shop hours. Your call or email will be answered quickly or immediately at most reasonable times. When you order online, we’ll be in touch within 12 hours with a personal update.


We guarantee delivery on time.

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