Why should EO, E1, E2 glue be used in the production of plywood?

Today we are pleased to welcome partners from India and discuss products, as well as the use of glue in the production of plywood.

Why should EO, E1, E2 glue be used in the production of plywood?

The E0, E1 or E2 glue lines are classified based on the residual formalin concentration in the glue, the lower the residual Formalin, the better for the health of the user, the more environmentally friendly the plywood is.
The glue that has not reached E2 will be very spicy, the glue E2 has a spicy smell, the glue E1 has little smell, the glue E0 has very little smell and the glue SE0 has no smell.

In developed countries such as Korea, Japan, the US, and Europe are countries that import a lot of industrial plywood products, but they are also extremely concerned about health, each plywood product needs to be meet the required standards for new formaldehyde emissions imported into their country. Most of the above countries have a minimum formaldehyde emission standard lower than 0.14ppm which is equivalent to the E1 emission standard of plywood.

Nowadays, human health and environmental protection are given top priority, so sustainable development has become an inevitable trend. Using environmentally friendly materials contributes to improving people’s living quality and creating a green planet.

In C&G Company, we are exporting plywood to Europe, US, Korea, Japan, … with WBP E0, E1 glue. It is economical for consumer and friendly to the environment.

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